Ferrite Ring Magnet

Magnetic disc for clamping and holding applications

  • 250° maximum operating temperature
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • High resistance to demagnetisation

产品概览 - Ferrite Ring Magnet

A ferrite ring magnet is a ferrite disc magnet with a concentric hole inside it. A ferrite countersunk magnet is a ferrite ring magnet with one side appearing as a standard ring but the other side is seen as an angled countersink which allow a screw head to fit inside, the angle usually being (but not always) 90 degrees.

A ferrite counterbore ring magnet is a ring magnet with a cylindrical flat-bottomed hole on one side that enlarges the main central hole to take a cap head screw inside the magnet. Ferrite ring magnets are also known as ferrite pure rings, ferrite countersunk magnets, and ferrite counterbore magnets.

All the ferrite ring magnets are nearly always axially magnetised - the ferrite magnet is magnetised along its central axis. Unless stated otherwise the ferrite ring magnets, ferrite countersunk ring magnets and ferrite counterbore ring magnets are all axially magnetised. Axially magnetised magnets have one flat end circular face as a North and the other flat circular end face as a South. For pure ferrite rings, polarity is changed by simply turning the magnet over. For the countersunk and counterbore ferrite ring magnets, North versions have a North at the countersunk / counterbore side (with a South at the other end - which appears like a normal ring); South versions have a South at the countersunk / counterbore side (with a North at the other end - which appears like a normal ring).

In applications where the ferrite ring magnets are clamping onto ferromagnetic surfaces (e.g. mild steel), any version could be used - sometime placing in a N-S-N-S arrangement may give a small increase in performance as the magnets link their magnetism in a positive way. In applications where magnets are attracting magnets, just ensure that a North face of one magnet is attracting a South face of another magnet (unlike poles attract; like poles repel). When screwing ring magnets in place please do not over tighten the screws otherwise it may cause the Ferrite ring magnet to break. Ferrite magnets are brittle (like all magnets) and are not designed for load bearing (e.g. high clamping forces) We produce custom magnets.


产品型号Height (mm)MaterialHeight (in)
N2096.35Ceramic 50.25
M15009B10Y30H-1 Ferrite0.394
M15131B8Y30 Ferrite0.315
M15224B8Y30 Ferrite0.315
M15574B10Y35 Ferrite0.394
M15575B12Y30 Ferrite0.472
N21010.9Ceramic 50.43
N2116.35Ceramic 50.25
N2136.35Ceramic 50.25
N21419.1Ceramic 50.75
N21212.7Ceramic 50.5


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