GF 4000 Metal Detector

Metal detector for pneumatic conveying pipes

  • For the detection and separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities
  • Ideal for inspecting bulk materials (eg granulate and powders)
  • Easy to integrate into existing pipelines
  • Designed for high flow rates
  • Features "Auto-Learn" function for ease of operation

产品概览 - GF 4000 Metal Detector

Detects and separates metal contamination on free-fall lines

Suitable for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, GF 4000 metal separation systems are primarily used for quality control in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All system components have been designed to meet stringent hygiene standards in these industries.

Integrated into pipeline systems, the separators remove magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles from pneumatically conveyed bulk materials such as granulate, powder or flour.

In-ine inspection between silo and filling system
Incoming goods inspection prior to filling silos

Detection and separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities
Successful inspection of bulk materials (granulate, powder etc)
Outstanding ease of operation with product auto-learn function and latest microprocessor technology

Can be integrated in horizontal, vertical and inclined vacuum and pressure pipes.
The rapid-reacting “Quick Flap System” removes metal contaminants without any interruption to the production process, even at high flow rates.

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