Innovative Magnetic Solutions for Sensor Applications

Eclipse Magnetics understands the needs of sensing or sensor applications where cutting edge magnetic assemblies are key to reducing weight, cost, false triggers and overall improving performance. Sensors are used in a wide range of industries and applications, in particular electronic circuits. Electromagnets and permanent magnets can be used to achieve contactless magnetic sensing applications (minimising wear), ferromagnetic materials can also be applied to pull or shield magnetic fields. Whether the application is for detecting fluid levels, detecting rotor position , measuring distances or speed or angle proximity, triggering switches or security we can help provide you with a contactless magnetic solution.

We can provide magnets for Reed Switches, Hall Effect Devices and Search Coils for sensor triggering applications. We offer methods to improve DoM angle by novel production and 100% inspection. We like to use mutual NDA.

We design to meet requirements of sensor applications for field strength versus distance profiles, temperature variation, slide by, slide through, rotation, magnetic shielding (e.g. vanes), etc. Our magnetic solutions for sensors include initiatives for weight reduction, miniaturisation, improved field pathways, cost reduction and even reduction of rare earth material use. Our China Joint Venture also allows us to supply our solutions with PPAP and C of C. With an unrivalled expertise in designing value adding magnetic solutions Eclipse Magnetics is a trusted partner for reliable long-term contract manufacturing supply. This includes holding stock in UK for guaranteed fast call off supply.

Sensor Magnet Application Examples Include:

  • Magnets for electric motor rotor position
  • Seat belt sensor magnets
  • Fuel level gauge magnets
  • Magnets for safety locks
  • Magnets for engine valve timings
  • Contactless temperature estimation magnets
  • Contactless position sensing magnets
  • Speed sensing magnets

Reed Switch Sensor Magnets

We can look to assist you in matching magnets to Reed Switches. Reed Switches are rated in Ampere-turns which cannot easily be linked to a Gauss or Tesla value (because each electromagnet test coil used for the rating has a specific design). We can work with you to work out the required field strength to trigger the Reed Switch and then we can re-design a magnet to meet your application requirements (so, for example, the Reed Switch can be activated further away).

We can custom design magnets to give specific field strengths at specific positions for nearly any temperature. We can match custom magnets to existing Hall Effect devices and can design magnets to activate Reed Switches.

Direction of Magnetisation (DoM) measurement

Hall Effect Sensor Magnets

These have a Gauss or Tesla value to trigger and release. They are sometimes better than Reed Switches for use in custom applications.Gauss meters use Hall Effect devices to measure magnetic field strengths. We can produce magnets to meet field strengths at specific distances.