Soft Ferrite Magnets

Soft ferrites are not permanent magnets. They carry magnetism (like mild steel) but as soon as the magnetic field is removed, the magnetism disappears. Soft ferrites are popular as transformers (to change the voltage from primary to secondary windings). So soft ferrites are often called transformer ferrites.

Soft ferrites exist as toroids (rings), C shapes, E-shapes, curved shapes, etc. Other shapes are possible. They often have performance criteria such as permeability and inductance.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Soft Ferrite Magnets


  • Carry magnetism effectively with low losses
  • Can handle alternating currents


  • Have different properties such as inductance and permeability so care is required to get a correct material type
  • It will be expected that the customer knows exactly what they require

Typical Applications for Soft Ferrite Magnets

  • Power conversion
  • Line filters
  • Radio frequency applications
  • Transformers

It is expected that the customer will know the size, shape and performance characteristics of the soft iron material that they require. We do not currently offer technical design support for this product range.