Magnetic Rotor For A Generator

Industry: Power Generation

We were approached by a company to supply a magnetic rotor assembly for a generator application. The high speed rotor would be used for multi-phase voltage generation. The power electronics would be simple to keep costs down. The customer wanted same magnitude voltage output in each phase.

We provide the ability to produce rotor assemblies in-house. Such rotors can be sleeved (Inconel, glass fibre, etc) to keep the magnets mechanically on the rotor. The rotors can also be mechanically balanced to meet customer anti-vibration requirements (to minimise bearing wear for example). We also offer a little-known service called magnetic balancing.

Magnetic Balancing Service

Magnetic balancing is where we Helmholtz coil test the magnets to determine each magnet’s magnetic performance. We can then place the magnets on the rotor in such a way that each phase of coil winding will “see” the same levels of magnetic performance. The magnet placement is such that we have magnetically tuned / magnetically balanced the performance in each phase of coil winding. The end result is that the generated voltages in each phase are more evenly balanced with nearer to equal voltage magnitudes allowing for cheaper and simpler power electronics to be used.

Such magnetic and mechanical balancing on rotors by Eclipse Magnetics can be used in generators, motors and even on other electrical machines, actuators and drives.

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